Do Opponents of the Florida HB 1557 Ever Ask Themselves This Question?

The well-known actor Rob Perlman of Hell Boy and Sons of Anarchy fame took to Twitter with a message for Ron DeSantis.

This type of criticism for the recently signed into law HB 1557 is common among elites and entertainers. These outbursts sparked my curiosity to seek out a copy. After reading it, I knew immediately most opponents either haven't read the legislation or are purposely pushing a false narrative.

I enjoy the talents of actors like Mr. Perlman. However, this is not rational behavior. He is completely unhinged in his Twitter post. I can put aside many personal opinions of entertainers. I realize I would never take any advise from elites who are far removed from normal life and reality. Having said that, it is concerning the reach and influence on those who do not seek out the truth on current events and news.

Regardless of their motives I can't help but noticing two groups of people, who are directly involved, are never motioned in these type of rants. Parents and Children. Do they ask themselves this simple question? Do we protect adults feelings or do we do everything we can to protect a child's safety? The answer is no. They do not ask themselves this question. It never occurs to them to do so.

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Mark Kelley

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