Grand Jury returns "No Bill" in all Deshaun Watson Charges. Trade Show Begins?

Deshaun Watson "No Charges" from Grand Jury
Deshaun Watson

Nearly a year ago a criminal investigation was initiated from multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against NFL quarterback Deshaun Watson. On Friday a Texas grand jury returned a no bill verdict after hearing the prosecutions case. A no bill verdict indicates no probable cause was established that crimes had occurred.

22 women filed law suites against the NFL star sparking the criminal investigation. The plaintiff's allegations include unwanted inappropriate touching and kissing. These civil case are on going, however, the criminal charges are over.

The civil cases and criminal investigation kept Mr. Watson on the sidelines for the entire 2021 season. During that time the Texans quarterback requested a trade from his current team. Those talks and negotiations will most certainly ramp up throughout the off season in light of this verdict. Mr. Watson is true talent and there are not a shortage of teams that would benefit from his acquisition.


I must respect the grand jury findings. Although Deshaun did not testify, which is his absolute right, many if not all of the alleged victims would have. Either through direct testimony or recorded depositions. And after hearing all their testimony the grand jury decided to not indict.

To not receive a true bill with this many allegations lends me to believe there was a serious lack of evidence against Mr. Watson. In addition, I wonder if the prosecutors should have even presented the case.

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