I once was an NBA & ESPN fan!

It was hard not to be a NBA fan during the Michael Jordan years and the Kobe and Shaq era in Los Angeles. And even the early Lebron James days.

Now I simply can not bring myself to watch. The league's association with China sealed that deal. But it has been a long time coming with ESPN and the SJW talent. ESPN has absolutely ruined mainstream sports media with its focus on identity politics and not sports. It wasn’t long before NBC Sports and others followed suit.

Clay Travis of OUTKICK retweeted a Twitter post from November 19th of an ESPN NBA pregame show. Court side with Mike Greenberg, Steven A Smith and Jalen Rose they were discussing, you guessed it, not basketball.

While they discussed the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, Jalen Rose stated “Jacob Blake was shot and killed by police officers”.

Let us talk about facts. First, Jacob Blake is not dead, he is alive! He was not killed during the encounter with police officers in August of 2020. Second, No crime was committed or charges filed. The officers responded to a call for help from a woman who was sexually assaulted by Blake.

ESPN is a huge media company who allows non sports content to take over it’s programming. Just like MSNBC they continue to ignore facts and permits it’s many employees to stand on camera and lie.

So let me know what you think!

Do you agree with our take on Sports Media?

How often do you watch ESPN?

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