“It’s Called Living in a Big City”? No It's Called Crime!

Many entertainers, athletes and politicians live in a bubble and are truly out of touch. They are so far removed from the real world their point of reference is blurred. Whether it is from great long term success, their entire lives have been lived in luxury or they were indoctrinated in college. They truly are unable to comprehend why people would disagree with their ideas and see the world so differently.

There haven't been many better examples of this than a post from Seth Rogan. The very mediocre comedian takes to Twitter often with rants and not so great takes on current events. Recently, Seth Rogan played down the crime in his home city of Los Angeles. “Dude I’ve lived here for over 20 years. You’re nuts haha. It’s lovely here. Don’t leave anything valuable in it. It’s called living in a big city.”

This comment was in response to a post from Casey Neistat, a long time popular YouTube influencer. Neistat recently took to Twitter, posting about a care break-in he had experienced. Also in his initial tweet, Mr. Neistat, who has over 10 million subscribers on YouTube and 2 million Twitter Followers, praised the police for their hard work in apprehending the offender.

Not surprising, It didn’t take long for a barrage of tweets to come flying toward Seth Rogan. Most people do not want to accept crime as being OK. This is an attempt, from a Hollywood elitist, to normalize it. This attitude, along with the disastrous policies of politicians, has criminals running rampant in many major cities across America.

Mr. Rogan then attempted to boost up the image of his home city with another tweet. Not sure why showcasing more crime would make a person feel safer? Maybe you can explain it to me.

So let me know what you think!

Do you feel many have these elite attitudes?

Do you believe this was an attempt to be funny by Mr. Rogan?

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Mark Kelley

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