It’s Obvious to Many. However, Here is What Some are Learning Very Quickly?

Toxic Masculinity?
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In the short time since Russia invaded Ukraine some hard truths are at the front of Americans minds. To some it is a realization they didn't want to believe. They are asking themselves, "what would we do?" or "what would my family do?" They may even be asking each other "who would take care of us?" Here are a few of these issues that are scaring many Americans straight.

A large number of Americans truly care about clean energy. Many are so concerned they indicate to the world that everyone should do their part to lower our carbon footprint. By that they mean you. Regardless, being responsible stewards of our planet cannot be at the expense of energy independence for the United States. And most who didn't understand do now. Not only because they don't want to, or can't, spend $8.00 a gallon at the pumps. Being dependent to another country for anything is completely and utterly idiotic. Especially when you don't have to be. This should be horrifying to Americans.

Citizens, right now, are fighting for their freedom and lives in western Europe. Crates of small arms are being dropped off in the middle of civilian centers for them to defend their country and themselves. And many Americans who hate guns see the true reason and value for the 2nd Amendment.

Also, Americans, who hate men and masculinity, are beginning to look around at the men in their lives. "Are they an asset?" they ask. "Can they defend us or even themselves"? "Have we taught our young men and boys to think of others first"? Or do they need a safe space to protect them from dangerous things like words?

My thoughts:

There will always be those that will hang on to their ideals until it's to late. Or they will simply deny due to being terrified or weak. But I say never say never. It can happen here. So let's not allow it. Freedom, security and independence can never be sacrificed for any reason.

Parents, raise and teach boys to be men. And don't teach girls to hate boys or masculinity. Oh, if you are wondering about the earlier questions concerning the boys in your family? I'll save you the time. If you are wondering, the answer is a %1000 NO! They are not an asset.

And those elected that say anything different must be voted out.

So let us know what you think!

What are your feelings about America's energy dependence?

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