It Was Strange Watching The Halftime Show. Wow, I'm Old!

The much anticipated Super Bowl always accompanies an equally anticipated halftime show.

The performers, as usual, were star studded. Hip Hop legends Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Mary J Blige, Eminem and some other guy I didn’t know. But certainly a lineup that would make almost any lover of modern day music want to watch.

When I first saw Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg beginning their respective performances I quickly realized these guys used to be haters of all mainstream and establishment. Now they are all performing on the Super Bowl halftime show?!! Without question the most mainstream event the United States has each year. Sellouts!

Let’s face it. Dr. Dre is worth nearly a Billion dollars with a “B”. You don’t get that rich without selling out. But I’m no hater to his fortune.

I also thought "these guys are old"…wait I’m OLD! All of them are nearly 50 if not in their mid 50’s. Truth be told I was already out of high school before all of their first albums were released.

Isn’t it hilarious though? How the Woke NFL ignores their pasts to draw in guys like me to watch. 18 to 55 year old men. They want to earn those advertising billions?!?

There’s a problem though. Almost all the men performing have arrests for crimes against women and other serious crimes of violence. Not to mention the lyrics with homophobic tones and calls for violence against police officers and pretty much everyone else as well.

It was very strange. It certainly shows not even the “used to be thug” rap artists nor the NFL are immune to losing their beliefs when it comes to making money. They don’t really have any beliefs. So that makes it easy.

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