Many Victories Will Be Claimed. Those Claims Will Be Lies!

I don't care if you voted for this president or not. Everyone in the United States must ask themselves this question. "Has the country gotten better or worse in the past year?" And if you are honest, the answer is, it has not. In fact, absolutely nothing is better. Everything is worse. Much worse.

Tonight the President will deliver his 2022 State of the Union address. And I will be waiting for all the claims of victory. And they will be immediate and bountiful. If you are this President they have to be. You must at least try to convince the country things aren't as bad as they seem. They are.

Right out of the gate, I believe, the President will indicate the United States has led from the front on the Ukraine Russian war issue. He has not. In fact no significant response has come from the White House until the European Union got involved.

Additionally, the President will claim victory over Covid-19. This is also not true. The fact is the American people are tired of the horrible dragged out mandates. Recent polls have reflected this in a big way. To the point that all the mandate supporters are extremely worried. And they should be. This is why in a short period of time nearly all the restrictions are falling. And it's no coincidence this is occurring just prior to State of the Union.

My Thoughts:

Again, I don't care what politicians you support. However, there must be consequences for the elected officials who crushed our businesses and punished our kids for this long. The energy prices and inflation will continue to skyrocket due to the purposeful lack of energy independence.

The first year of this Presidency has been a total and complete disaster and this must not be forgotten at the ballot box.

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Mark Kelley

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