New Hosts Announced. Will They Be the Saviors of The Oscars? No Chance in Hell!

The Oscars will again have hosts. The star studded annual event hasn't had a host since the incredibly unfunny Jimmy Kimmel in 2018. As you may remember Kevin Hart was ousted from hosting the 2019 show for a previous joke. A joke, you guessed it, offended someone.

The shows producer felt a host was needed and I agree. The Oscars is too long and slow moving not to have a large dose of solid entertainment to even be watchable.

Actor Jon Hamm, who is widely popular, was considered but quickly dismissed. And you can come to your own conclusion as to why. So three new talents will preside over the event. Amy Schumer, Regina Hall and Wanda Sykes will share the stage as co hosts.

They aren't off to a great start in my opinion with the choice of this not so funny nor likeable trio. Viewership has steadily been declining for several years. Most people simply are tired of made up awards and being told how they should think by elitists. And people haven't seen most of the winning movies anyway! The winners aren't based on box office success.

Even comedian Seth Rogan acknowledged most people stopped caring about the Academy Awards.

The Oscars is hoping for the big win it desperately needs. To do so ,the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences understands it needs its biggest stars to attend. So the proof of vaccine to attend mandate was dropped. But in true elitist fashion, still requires all event staff to adhere to the rule. And this is at the very essence why people won't watch. That, along with how extremely woke the jokes and speeches will undoubtedly be, it will again be a disaster.

There is a very good chance the 2022 Oscars will post its worst ratings ever.

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