Nuclear Bomb? Fallout? Got Your Mask? Check! has you covered with all the information you need in the event of a nuclear explosion.

In the third paragraph of the safety instruction it indicates you should " try to maintain a distance of at least six feet between yourself and people who are not part of your household. If possible, wear a mask if you’re sheltering with people who are not a part of your household." No! This is not a joke.

Now, no specific radiological mask or equipment was previously mentioned, so it’s safe to assume this is a Covid-19 precaution only. Yes! They want you to think about Covid-19 when facing possible world annihilation.

I am old enough to have been a part of elementary school nuclear bomb drills when I was young. I am fully aware of how many Americans must feel about this possibility.

However, I am also aware there will be bigger fish to fry dealing with and immediate problem like nuclear fallout than Covid-19. Having said that, there are a few bits of information in the article you should know. Only a few. And sadly, I must say, it doesn't surprise me.

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