Simple ways to work at becoming more confident.

Many people deal with a lack of confidence. And it should be addressed because you are awesome! So don't let it hold you back from being even more awesome.

Being more confident can improve nearly any aspect of your life. In a work setting it can help get your ideas in the mix, adding to a project. In turn, this will make others, and you, notice how valuable you are. Because you are! In your personal life more confidence can lead to you becoming more involved in social and charitable events or even engaging more in daily conversations. You might even become more likely to take a trip to a brand new location you've always wanted, but lacked the confidence to do so.

Let's dive into it!

Confront Fear in Small Batches

Choose an activity you feel you lack confidence. Preferably something that translates between both work and social settings. A good example of this would be "Glossophobia". The fear of public speaking. Many people have a strong fear of speaking in public. And in many cases, it doesn’t matter if it’s a large crowd or small group. So, I suggest starting with short comments to interject in conversations. Start with smaller groups. In other words do not do a “cannon ball” in the deep end of the pool, just dip your toes in. Make it subtle and quick. Then slowly enter more comments more often throughout your day. This baby step method will build your comfort level and can be applied to nearly anything you have a lack of confidence. Remember, the more successful you become in these small challenges, and you will, the more your confidence will grow.


Being prepared is one of the easiest ways to build confidence. And all it takes is your time. Doing research and good old fashioned practice. The more you know about something or the better you are at a task; you will be more confident with it. Eliminate as much of the unknown as you can. The fear of the unknown is at the root of lacking confidence.

Use Setbacks

The last thing is to not agonize over setbacks. Push through it and use them as reassurance when things don't go perfectly you can continue forward. Here's a hot tip! There is no such thing as perfect. Everyone makes mistakes not matter how much you have prepared. Even professional athletes drop balls or stumble awkwardly. Do not be dismayed to the point of quitting. You can and will become more confident. Just like anything it takes work.

So let me know what you think!

Which, if any, of these suggestions you will try first?

Do you have any other ideas?

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