The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial. What was Truly at Risk!


The 2016 presidential election was won on a couple of major concerns. One of which was the belief many of our institutions were becoming compromised. They were subject to major corruption and manipulation. Having said this it is important to recognize what is at risk as it pertains to the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. This trial demonstrates these concerns were valid and ideas such as fair and speedy trials are in serious jeopardy. We want those within these institutions to be honest and trust they will do their jobs while remaining apolitical. Having watched much of the proceedings I can say I have very little confidence this was true in this case. And these are only local or semi local entities. The common pleas court and county prosecutor's office in Kenosha. Not to mention the enormous national bureaucracies that are often being manipulated and weaponized for tasks which they were not intended for. Such as OSHA and the FBI. And even the media which no longer resembles a truth detector but instead it is simply a mover of propaganda.

But let us focus on the trial for a moment. Below, in my opinion, are a few key points involving the prosecution and the media which lead me to believe we should be concerned. It is based solely on my work experience and broadcast of this trial. I was not involved in any part of the investigation nor to have access to any direct knowledge of the investigation.

The Prosecution

Lack of significant evidence. Evidence that was presented was weak and at times very beneficial to the defense. Witness testimony often supported a self-defense claim. There were several moments where it was obvious the prosecutors failed to properly prepare for trial. They truly had no idea what their own witnesses were going to say. This leads one to believe that there was never a solid case to charge Mr. Rittenhouse and it was only done to pander to politics. Or Mr. Thomas Binger, the Assistant District Attorney and his team, are horribly incompetent. Either way, both of those scenarios are terrifying. Mr. Rittenhouse should have not been indicted as quickly as he was. And after seeing the evidence should have never been charged with a crime.

The prosecution led by Binger was addressed by the court multiple times for its antics. Mr. Binger attempted to reenter evidence ruled by the court to be inadmissible. The court immediately put an end to the attempt, however, some of the testimony and comments were heard by the jury. Also the prosecution team provided video evidence to the defense that was not the highest resolution available. And was only noticed during the closing arguments and later admitted by the prosecution. Both of these mishaps would unquestionably be candidates for mistrial.

Lastly the prosecution team made fundamentally incorrect statements to the jury during closing arguments. One being the law indicates if you bring a firearm to a situation you give up the right to claim self-defense. Nothing can not be further from the truth. Which again Mr. Binger is either lying to the jury or incompetent I think he is both.


From the moment this incident occurred in Kenosha Wisconsin and video was available, MSNBC has been destroying Kyle Rittenhouse. Many others did the same. Relentlessly pushing a narrative for the sole purpose of swaying public opinion. They did this from the night of occurrence to even now, after the verdict has been read. And they will continue to do so. I have heard many media outlets repeat disproven lies over and over. Mainly MSNBC and TYT. Nearly all these lies were disproven in open court by video and direct testimony. The media has created this circus trial. They were perfectly willing to send Mr. Rittenhouse to prison to perpetuate their narrative. All they needed was a weak prosecutor's office to cave to a mob and unjustly charge him. And now, here we are.

MSNBC attempted to jury tamper. An NBC producer asked a freelance journalist to follow the juror bus and take pictures of the jurors. The supposed premise was to identify individual jurors for follow up interviews after a verdict was reached. Why then? How would that act do anything other than disrupt the process by scaring the jurors!? To that point there was already a previous attempt to video record them. Not to mention they were driven past the protestors with bull horns daily. Which they obviously were hearing despite the van being equipped with blacked out windows. The producer who hired the journalist conveniently and immediately scrubbed all their social media including LinkedIn.

All of the above examples could have undoubtedly interfered with due process. And probably did. And many of these examples were done purposely. Americans are waking up to corruption that exists in many of our institutions. It is so important to seek out multiple and reliable news sources. The media will only become more aggressive and persistent as Americans continue pushing back. Virginia wasn’t an accident. People are simply starting to pay attention to exactly what is going on and they are putting an end to it.

So let me know what you think!

Did you watch any broadcast of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial?

What is your level of confidence in your local Prosecutor's Office to remain apolitical?

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