The People Will Remember.

We all know individuals ,even groups for that matter, who can’t see the train coming even though it’s blasting its horn. But this is borderline insanity. Left leaning political leaders have decided how the government should work and now they are in a corner. And it will be difficult to separate from the current direction of the country. In other words, current seat holders who supported these horrific policies must turn a 180 or simply lie. And most of us will not believe them regardless.

According to Politco, the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) contends if Democrats do not pay attention to poll numbers concerning response to current policies, the already existing Republican lead of 6 points will grow to 14 points. And I believe it is actually a much wider spread. Everyone in America has seen these disastrous policies and their negative effects from this current administration. And they will not forget them and it will be reflected in the voting box.

A shining example of this can be seen in our public schools. The radical and horrible treatment of children by many school districts is on full display. All of which was exposed when kids were sent away to learn at home and parents saw the nonsense children were taught everyday. Although politicians would love for this parent versus school district movement to go away it won’t.

Mayor of San Francisco London Breed, who has been a disaster, must have realized this when three San Francisco Board of Education members were recalled this week. In a reluctant statement she indicates the recall was a clear sign that educators should focus on a “well run” public education system “above all else”.

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