The Switch Has Begun. Wait? We Need To Do What? Won't We All Die????

CCN contributor and Medical Doctor Leana Wen is at the forefront of battling a narrative she partially helped to create. That there is a "new normal" of fear that will never go away. After the initial discovery of the pandemic, many news contributors began to spew fear along with some facts. With understandable caution aside data began to be manipulated rather quickly and still continues to be controlled. As recent as last month the Center for Disease Control was accused of not being transparent and holding on to data concerning overall death tolls. Well now that narrative isn't very popular and the fact that data doesn't support it is well known.

Over the past several weeks, since the approach of the State of the Union, Mainstream media has tried make everyone change their thinking. And the biggest hurdle is battling the very large group of terrified masked maniacs they created.

Dr. Wen has taken to Twitter saying the exact opposite she, and mainstream media, has been shoving down our throats for over the past two years. That everyone will kill each other if we didn't wear masks. And she has met fierce resistance even from other medical doctors. And since we can presume most active doctors are seeing the same data, the only difference in beliefs is fear.

To be fair, contributors like Dr. Wen and Dr. Sanja Gupta were not your typical mainstream Fauci fear spreaders. They were not in the extreme. They did, however, make the rounds on the networks who were and used those platforms for their benefit. Now they are trying desperately to flip the script. Probably at the request of those who are running for re-election this November.

I must say it is very entertaining to read Twitter threads and see them sounding reasonable against unreasonable fears they created.

So let us know what you think!

Have you notice any switch in thinking from the media?

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