Ukraine Fighting for its Independence and Their Lives.

All Ukraine Civilians Training for War

Earlier this week Vladimir Putin declared two regions in Ukraine, Donetsk and Luhansk, were intendant and sent in Russian troops. These troops were ,as he indicated, on a peacekeeping mission. Yet, the entire world knew this was an obvious posturing for the armed invasion of Ukraine. This was predicted by the Biden administration months ago. Putin has been saying all along Ukraine was created by Russia and believed they should be returned to the mother land. Which is a lie. And as crazy as it seems, western countries did virtually nothing then and even now.

This immediately demonstrates two points. First international law is non-existent. And Second the weakness of the west immediately showed Putin he could begin this campaign with little to no consequences. Biden himself used the words, if it “ is a minor incursion” it would make a difference in how he reacted.

By the way? What is a minor incursion??!! If you were fighting for your life and independence in your own backyard would you say it was a minor incursion?

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What are your feelings about this war in Ukraine?

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Mark Kelley

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