Ultimately Even I Couldn’t Do It ! I Couldn’t Watch The Winter Games!!

Updated: Feb 27

We have spoken at length on “On The Range Podcast'' about how much we enjoy the Olympics and supporting our athletes. However, for me, these games felt different from the very beginning because of the obvious. We shouldn’t be in China! I really did want to see our amazing athletes compete. After only a few days, I just couldn't do it.

The immediate shilling during the Opening Ceremonies by NBC and their hosts, acting as if the inclusion of the Uygur Muslim “athlete” during the torch lighting wasn’t pure propaganda was disgusting. That along with the cold war imagery of the Chinese Communist Party soldiers raising their flag was it for me. I couldn’t get past it.

It appears I am far from the only one who felt this way. The ratings for the 2022 Winter Olympics have been released! To say that they are an absolute disaster for NBC is an understatement. According to the Hollywood Reporter, viewership is down 42% from the 2018 South Korean Games. With only 11.4 million viewers across all NBC platforms. NBC did tout an 8% rise in streaming numbers and the coverage was much easier to consume than this past years summer Olympics, but this is no where near a success.

Lastly, I’d like to point out the corruption or ineptness, take your pick, of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Its lousy attempts to settle doping figure skaters and welfare of Peng Shuai situations, shows how worthless the IOC truly is.

So let us know what you think!

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