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How I got a Selfie with the Mothman: A Deer, A Sleepy Town, and Some Amazing People

As I left my friend Rick Hogg's house after a weekend of training with our OTR "CREW," little did I know that a chance encounter with a White-Tailed deer would leave me stranded in a sleepy town. The tranquility of the countryside was shattered as the deer darted across the road, bringing my vehicle to a sudden, mechanical halt. Here's the story of how a simple drive home turned into an unexpected adventure.

The Calm Before the Storm

As we wrapped up our training event at Rick's home range, the camaraderie among our CREW members was palpable. We had spent the weekend honing our skills on the range, swapping stories, and forging bonds that would last a lifetime. As the sun was rising the next day, I bid farewell to my friend, looking forward to a peaceful drive back home.

A Deer in the Headlights

As I navigated the winding roads after just crossing into my home state of OHIO, movement caught my eye. In an instant, a White-Tailed deer sprinted across the road. I was able to react quickly to slow down, but it was too late. My car collided with the deer, bringing both of us to an abrupt stop. The impact left my vehicle unable to drive, and I found myself stranded in an unfamiliar town.

A Sleepy Town

Although I wasn't incredibly far from civilization, I was faced with an interesting dilemma. I quickly realized many conveniences that were available with a simple cell phone call away just weren't commonplace there. And cell phone service was spotty at best. Ride-share hadn't made it to Gallipolis, Ohio, and no one works on Sunday.

Finding Silver Linings

While the situation was far from ideal, being stranded in that sleepy town gave me a chance to pause and reflect. Surrounded by the quiet beauty of the countryside, I found a sense of peace that had eluded me in the hustle and bustle of daily life. The experience, though unexpected, offered a moment of clarity and gratitude for the simple joys that often go unnoticed in our fast-paced world. Finally making contact with an insurance agent, who was off duty, I was able to get some resources moving. A fantastic towing company, led by Johnny, a skilled "Front Desk Ninja" named Lynda from a nearby hotel, and a collision center operator named Glen, all acted swiftly to provide assistance. My saying they could not have been more willing to help and friendly would be a monumental understatement. They were absolutely amazing and professional.

Moving Forward

In the end, what started as a routine drive home turned into a memorable adventure filled with unexpected encounters and moments of reflection. As I finally set off towards home, I carried with me not just the memory of the deer that crossed my path but also a reminder that there are a lot of amazing humans out there.

Navigating life's unexpected twists and turns can lead to moments of unexpected beauty and introspection. From chance encounters with wildlife to finding solace in the kindness of strangers, every experience shapes our journey in unique ways. Embrace the detours, for they often lead to the most unforgettable destinations.

If you do, you just might get a selfie with the Mothman!

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Yeah buddy!! Great people out there!!

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