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Challenges Are a Good Way to Spark Growth!

We have always stressed the importance of having a plan to achieve goals. This idea can include broad areas of your life as well without necessarily having a specific task in mind. Becoming the best version of yourself is much different than a goal of wanting to author a book. Nonetheless, having a plan is needed. I believe a simple approach is to select a few areas where we can challenge ourselves and make positive changes to spark growth. Here are a few examples of the areas you may consider: Health, Communication and Creativity.

It’s no surprise that health is the first area of choice. Dedicating 20 to 35 minutes of exercise 3 to 5 times a week will bring immediate and long-lasting benefits to your life. Increased energy, reduced stress as well as better cognitive function to name a few. Not to mention the overall health and longevity it will bring. A person improving from poor health to good health brings more benefit and longevity than a good athlete improving to an elite athlete.

Improving communication is a close second. Truly challenge yourself to engage more often with others. Speak publicly or in office meetings. Be present in your conversations, actively listen, have empathy, and be more aware of how you are communicating. Learning to communicate more effectively is critical to building good relationships and achieving success in both your personal and professional lives.

Do something creative. I strongly encourage everyone to engage in a creative outlet. Creative activities not only provide an outlet for self-expression but also will stimulate an entirely different area of your mind which encourages innovation. Painting, writing, playing a musical instrument all are great options. These are also great stress relievers and very fulfilling.

Striving to be 1% Better Everyday requires continuous effort. And it's the small steps that add up to significant progress. Be sure to support others in this endeavor. Also, be sure to share your experiences with them while encouraging one another along the way.

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