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Plan and Execute

plan and execute

Have a goal? Level up your training programs? Getting fit? Learning a new skill? Whatever it is, you must have a plan. Having a plan is crucial for achieving success. A well-executed plan is our roadmap to achievement. It allows us to set clear objectives, identify potential problems, and determines the necessary actions to deal with them. Without a plan, we are left without direction and unsure of what steps to take. It is ok, even necessary, to make changes. However, without having a plan in place, we will not have that sense of direction that will enable us to make informed decisions and progress towards our desired outcome.

One problem I see from many people that can be devastating to achieving goals is fear. A fear of failure will crush your goals before you even start your journey. I do not hesitate to say, most individuals succumb to the fear of failure, preventing them from taking the necessary first step of putting their plan in motion. You must understand that failure is needed during our journey. Embracing failure and adapting our plans, we can overcome, improve and move forward.

Having a well-executed plan and the courage to execute it is vital for achieving success. We must overcome our fear of failure and embrace the learning opportunities that come with it. By adjusting our plans as we go, we can navigate through challenges and ultimately reach our goals. So, have the confidence to take action, make adjustments when needed, and stay committed to our plan, even in the face of adversity.

So set a goal. Make a plan. And execute that plan! Without all of these you will struggle to be “1% Better Everyday”!

Mark Kelley

President Owner of

Kelley Defense

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